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What you get with a Cool Dogz Trailer


At Cool Dogz, we custom design & manufacture modern & innovative designed Dog Trailers, that are built to last & safe and comfortable for your dogz.

2, 4, 6 & 8 Berth, single or bogie axle – Custom Trailers & Modifications are our specialty, we’ll work with you to provide you with your dream trailer

Fully Galvanized one-piece chassis & internal steel frame (hot dipped) including suspension & components

No timber frame, no plywood paneling – Built for longevity & safety.   will not corrode or rust, interiors designed for easy washout and clean

Water Resistance & Hygienic –  Panels are a one piece insulated structure, resists all forms of water and moisture penetration, no more dog odours or moisture damage, safer & healthier for your dogz

Internal Components sealed – no loose or uneven finishes for your dogz to chew or pull out

Modern attractive sleek designed trailers with Australian made quality Cool composite paneling, standard & deluxe paneling options

Our trailers are carefully designed and finished, we take pride in our workmanship and aim to deliver a trailer that is of high quality and will be with you for years to come.

Standard Trailer Inclusions:  

Aluminum Composite Paneling – Premium quality Alupanel , lightweight and UV resistant with a high density closed cell core, super strong, Lightweight & safe, insulated and easy maintenance/wash out.

Fully Galvanized Hot Dipped Steel Frame – For safety & longevity.  Requires significantly less maintenance.  Will not corrode or rust, and will withstand years of wear and tear.

Controlled ventilation – sealed compartments for efficient cooling, compartments with kick panels and mesh upper panels.

Mesh Dividers – Quality Galvanized mesh.  Bay sizes made to measure.  Easy individual bay will have drain plug for easy washout cleaning.  No timber frame, no plywood.

Aluminum Composite Paneled Doors – minimises heat attraction provides consistent cool temperature.  Inner Doors standard wire mesh (deluxe options available).  All doors with T-Handles and keyed alike.

Ventilation – Whirly Bird or pop up style vents available, fitted to roof.  Ventilation can be closed and sealable ( no leaking vents).

Back window/flap – Aluminum Mesh to window for ventilation, flap can be closed or secured open.

Lighting – Quality LED Light fitted in each individual bay.

Wheels & Tyre’s – New Sunraysia Wheels with Light Truck Tyre’s including spare, Swing away jockey wheel.

Brakes – Electric Brakes standard on all trailers greater than 750kg


Deluxe Upgrades Available :

Premium Fiberglass Composite Paneling – Premium Australian made Fiberglass composite panel with a high density closed cell core structure.  Superior insulation & thermal protection for your dogz.  Gel Coast Finish, super strong, lightweight and UV resistant.  Doors constructed with same paneling, T-Handles and keyed alike.

Aluminum Dividers -Custom or standard bay sizes.  Modern Slat style dividers, adjustable spacing upon request.  Mill finish or powder coated.

Inner Door Security Mesh – Aluminum 3mm black security mesh for maximum safety & protection of your dogz.  Premium quality, minimizes unwanted access to your dogz.

Front Storage Box/Gazebo Tunnel  – Integrated into front of trailer for modern finish and ease of access.  Custom sizes and designs available

Wardrobe/Crate Storage – Integrated into front or rear of trailer, crate storage underneath trailer.  Custom designs & sizes available.  Installed allowing for weight distgribution

Climate Control Systems – Reverse Cycle or Water Evaporator Systems, improved efficiency with cool paneling.  Generator Systems or Battery Systems, Custom Generator Boxes.

Water Tanks – Conveniently located underbody water tanks available in various sizes.  Manual or electric pump options available

Custom Modifications  – Tailored to meet your unique requirements.  This include trailer, float or van fit outs; racking; anchor points; reverse camera’s; Mag wheels & more.


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